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High Volume SMTP Servers

You can buy the SMTP servers using a credit card or PayPal. We use PayPal as our credit card processor. We also accept other types of payment such as bank transfer (wire transfer), check, Western Union, or even bitcoins. Please let us know if you want to use payment methods other than credit card and PayPal.

SMTP Server Pricing (Monthly)
Plan Monthly Email Quota Concurrent Connections* Monthly Cost Payment Link
Plan A200,00030EUR 99.95
Plan B500,00050EUR 129.95
Plan C1,000,000 (1 million)100EUR 159.95
Plan DUnlimited / Dedicated Server200EUR 199.95
Plan EUnlimited. Emails are sent simultaneously from servers and IPs in multiple countries.no limitEUR 399.95

*   "Concurrent Connections" refers to the maximum number of emails you can send simultaneously. Support for more concurrent connections usually indicates a faster server (better performance).




Alternative Payment Options

SMTP Plan Period Monthly Cost Total You save
    EUR --         EUR --            

Pay via PayPal 

Pay using a credit card 

Payment in Bitcoin: -- BTC


We're proud to accept bitcoins. Please can this QR image to pay.

Or send directly to this bitcoin address:


After sending your bitcoin payment, please email us. We'll then send you SMTP username and password.



If you have problems ordering, please let us know at support@fast-smtp-server.com

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